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Behind the Mask: From sleeping in a car to owning a multimillion dollar business

Abby Khanna was broke and living in his 1996 Nissan Sentra when he arrived in the United States from India. Today, he runs California Plastics, a multimillion dollar distribution business he founded with his wife, Bianca Khanna.

California Plastics was the first company to distribute Acteev Protect™ masks, and Abby and Bianca shared their story on “The Passionate Few,” an interview show and podcast hosted by Omar Elattar.

“I landed in the U.S. with $200 in my pocket, a plane ticket and nothing to do,” Abby said. “I was homeless and sleeping in cars. I never thought that I’d be running a company, let alone with this phenomenal product and trying to get this in front of everybody.”

Abby met Bianca, a former Bollywood actress and model, at a party in southern California. After they were married, they knew they wanted more than workaday 9-5 jobs, so the two founded California Plastics.

When the pandemic began, they added personal protective equipment to their portfolio. They sold 1,000 masks in the first hour. Now they carry a full line, including Acteev Protect nonwoven masks, fabric masks and gaiters.

Abby, a marathon runner, said the Acteev Protect Sports Gaiter is his favorite to wear while working out.

“When you’re active and playing sports, you need something that’s comfortable and going to stay on,” he said.

Podcast host Omar Elattar said he also is a fan of the masks. Listeners can save 10% by using the discount code “PASSION” when purchasing them through

“I personally back these Acteev Protect masks,” he said. “Trust me, you won’t regret it.”

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