Acteev™ technology

First-of-its-kind antiviral technology for fabrics and high-touch surfaces*

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What is Acteev™ technology?

Acteev™ technology is groundbreaking virus and bacteria protection for fabrics and high-touch surfaces – a leap forward in protection for face masks, apparel, upholstery, air filters, cellphone cases and more. Acteev uses zinc ions embedded into each molecule to destroy bacteria, fungi and viruses — including deactivating the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 with 99%+ effectiveness.*

Acteev offers a world of protection for everyday applications.

  • Long-lasting defense that won’t wash away, providing value for the life of the product.
  • Reusable technology, saving millions of disposable masks from going to landfills.
  • Highest-grade protection, currently under review with the FDA and EPA.
  • Proven success with 20+ technology patents and a 70-year history of innovation.

Innovation through partnership

We help manufacturers bring their products to life through partnerships with top labs from around the world and our Medical Advisory Board, a group of internationally recognized experts in the fields of PPE evaluation, viral pathology, epidemiology and infectious diseases.

How Acteev works

Acteev technology is based on active zinc ions embedded in the polymer matrix.

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Commercial and media inquiries

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