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75,000 Face Masks Available for Elementary School Nurses in Need

Acteev is coming together with the National Association of School Nurses (NASN) to help safeguard our elementary schools against COVID-19. With vaccines for 12 and younger not yet approved by the FDA, safeguards – like quality masks – are critical in protecting elementary-aged students.

Despite recent federal funding, nurses at elementary schools across the nation continue to struggle to keep quality PPE for teachers and school personnel on-hand, especially in our lower income, Title I Schools. Acteev and the NASN want to help.

β€œIn any ordinary school year, school nurses are busy. This year, that's an understatement.”

Nurses: Sign up now for free masks

Acteev will provide the first 750 elementary school nurses who complete the below form with 100 reusable, antimicrobial Acteev Protect Masks.*