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Acteev® to Partner with Puberty-Positive Undergarment Brand OOMLA

Textile technology and adolescent product leader to introduce odor-free socks, restoring confidence for tweens and teens struggling with stinky feet.

Acteev, an award-winning, odor-fighting textile technology, is partnering with their first adolescent undergarments brand, OOMLA. Together the partners aim to combat unwanted, hormone-induced footwear smell by creating odor-free socks powered by Acteev. With an already high demand, products will be available for purchase winter of 2022.

OOMLA Founder, Pediatrician and puberty expert, Cara Natterson, was looking for a sustainable, odor-fighting solution when she discovered Acteev. Its award-winning, natural zinc technology is embedded into the fabric rather than coated on, using less water in the manufacturing process. Plus, with the use of Acteev’s high-quality materials these socks are built to last, meaning less landfill waste. 

“I gave Acteev prototype socks to members of a teenage rowing team. I asked them to wear them for seven days straight and one participant wore them without washing,” said Natterson. “Afterwards, I collected them, and they all came back odor-free. At that moment, I knew Acteev was the right partner.”

Beyond OOMLA’s new odor-free sock line, Acteev is working with fashion designers, entertainment personalities and professional athletic brands to bring innovative, sustainable visions to life.

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Acteev’s antimicrobial technology is embedded to protect the product. The product does not protect users or others against disease-causing bacteria, viruses, germs, or other organisms. These claims are approved for use in the United States, China, and select other markets. All partners using Acteev in their products should follow all local laws and regulations pertaining to claims. Contact your Acteev representative for details.