Built for Performance & Protection

Buttery soft fabrics that move with you and don’t pill with use, Acteev has a 60-year history of producing optimal nylon products that stand up to everyday wear and tear. Now, reimagined and infused with zinc ion technology, Acteev products offer an extra layer of protection by stopping harmful, odor-causing microbes and bacteria in their tracks.

Coalatree Surray Shirt

Acteev’s anti-odor zinc technology combined with leading UPF 50 sun protection for the ultimate adventure wear.

Active Milano

Luxury meets athleisure in this brand that lets you take activewear from the gym to a night on the town.

Sammy Finch

A series regular on HBO’s hit reality show House of Ho, Sammy is currently developing a line of activewear powered by Acteev.

Elevate your product.

Bring the next level of protective technology to your consumers.

Natural Protection That Withstands the Test of Time

Acteev is activated by natural zinc ions embedded into the matrix of the material, standing up to wear, wash and heavy use for the life of the product and remaining just as effective as day oneAnd unlike antimicrobial technology that uses coatings, Acteev requires no finishing step.

Consumer Insights Backed by Research

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Good for You. Good for the Planet.

Because our zinc ions are embedded instead of added, textiles made with Acteev are produced more sustainably and with less water. Unlike some heavy metals used in finishes, zinc is an essential mineral — and the active ingredient in Acteev is recognized by the FDA as Generally Regarded as Safe.

Powered by Ascend Performance Materials

A long history of being the top producer of nylon 6,6 means Acteev is a brand you can trust.