Changing the Very Fabric of Protective Technology

Bring innovative protection to your business with Acteev’s zinc ion-infused premium nylon 6,6 textile.

Featured Partners

Sammy Finch

A series regular on HBO’s hit reality show House of Ho, Sammy is currently developing a line of activewear powered by Acteev.

Active Milano

Luxury meets athleisure in this brand that lets you take activewear from the gym to a night on the town.


Acteev’s anti-odor zinc technology combined with leading UPF 50 sun protection for the ultimate adventure wear.

Acteev Combines Innovation & Dependability

Made for Performance

Acteev’s revolutionary nylon is built to move with you. With all-way stretch, it stands up to you whatever way you move and keeps its shape.

Made for Confidence

Go forth confidently with Acteev’s microbe-fighting zinc technology, which protects the fabric from odor causing bacteria and mildew.

Made for Durability

Premium textiles built to handle any terrain or activity with no rips, tears or pilling.

Made for Comfort

Our nylon envelopes your skin to provide wearable all-day comfort for any activity.

The Products

Elite materials that keep up with your toughest performance while keeping you odor free.

Providing consumers a more peaceful, protected sleep.

Give yourself the ultimate confidence wherever you go.

Freedom to go to the great outdoors without worrying if you’ll be bringing it back with you.

Acteev Doesn’t Stop at Textiles

Acteev’s antimicrobial technology doesn’t stop at just fabrics and textiles. Acteev’s revolutionary nylon product can be used for engineering plastics and and other non-woven applications.

Bring Peace of Mind to Your Consumers

Start seeing how Acteev can transform your products and provide an added elemental safeguard for your consumers.