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Power of Mother Nature, in the hands of Mother Nature’s lovers

Don’t let microbes ruin those precious moments in nature. It’s time to focus less on what’s on you and more on what’s in front of you

  • Free from odor
  • Free from silver
  • Free from mildew
  • Free from harmful additives
  • Free from pilling, wear & tear

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Where innovation meets dependability

At its core, Acteev incorporates the antimicrobial benefits of zinc ions straight into the molecules of its superior nylon 6,6 fabric. And we’ve had 70 years in the business to perfect and improve upon the capabilities of nylon 6,6 when it comes to outdoors and performance based clothing, gear and supplies.

Breathable & soft-to-touch

Fabric that wicks away sweat so you stay cool on your adventures.

Odor control

Built to allow you to explore the outdoors without smelling like it.

Superior color fastness

Look good in the woods with color-tight gear.

Durable & abrasion resistant

Built to withstand even the toughest camping conditions.

Protection meant to last

Unlike other antimicrobial treatments, Acteev’s zinc ions are embedded into the product instead of coated on. So not only does our material use less water, it’s protected from everything the wild can throw at you. Even after 100 washes, it’s still as effective as day one.

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1st place worthy innovation

Ascend Performance Materials’ Acteev Protect antimicrobial odor-resistant fabric technology has been named a winner at the 2021 Outdoor Retailer Innovation Awards. The awards recognize new and groundbreaking technologies used in winter apparel, outdoor and sports products and materials.
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