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Endless possibilities for safe, long-lasting, sustainable protection.

Acteev® nylon 6,6 textiles and plastic

Acteev® creates life-changing technologies with one simple vision: elemental safety. We’ve combined the premium power of microbe-deactivating active zinc ions with our expertise in polyamide textiles and plastic like nylon 6,6 to revolutionize daily life.

Backed by decades of science from Ascend Performance Materials, Acteev weaves environmentally safe fighting power into the fabric of everyday life. Everything from athletic wear and intimates to PPE, toothbrushes and air filters now can be protected from odor-causing bacteria and fungi using technology derived from one of nature’s own elements. Acteev is your partner in protection from molecule to manufacturing.*


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keeps protecting you wear after wear

Acteev Protect is reusable and washable. Or just set it aside — the microbe-fighting active ingredient will kill off the germs that cause bad smells, leaving your mask fresh for the next use.

You know that disposable mask you have hanging from your rearview mirror? It may have lost its effectiveness long ago. Many face masks depend on an ionic charge that may stop filtering out unwanted particles if the material gets wet from sweat, humidity or even your breath.

good for you. good for the planet.

The safe, sustainable choice

The active ingredient in Acteev Protect is zinc oxide, a mineral used in everything from baby skin cream to breakfast cereal. The U.S. FDA labels it as GRAS, or Generally Regarded as Safe.

And unlike coatings and topical treatments made with the heavy metals silver or copper, the active zinc ions are embedded at the base level of Acteev, not added on in a water-intensive finish. That means it will not flake off or wash away into the environment.

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The president of an essential business shares how his employees have responded to Acteev Protect masks.

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*Acteev Protect does not protect users or others against disease-causing bacteria.