introducing the only mask you'll ever need

It's soft. It's breathable. And it's powered by a technology that is more than 99.9% effective on contact at destroying SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19*.

Breathe easier with a face mask that is powerful enough to work yet comfortable enough to wear.

Acteev Protect™ general purpose face masks

When choosing a face covering, people want a mask that is comfortable, is easy to breathe through, holds up wear after wear and eliminates microbes.

Our scientists and engineers invented a process for creating a revolutionary new fabric that checks all the boxes.

keeps protecting you wear after wear

Your Acteev Protect mask is reusable and washable. Or just set it aside — the microbe-fighting active ingredient will kill off the germs that cause bad smells, leaving your mask fresh for the next use.

You know that disposable mask you have hanging from your rearview mirror? It may have lost its effectiveness long ago. Many face masks depend on an ionic charge that stops filtering out unwanted particles if the material gets wet from sweat, humidity or even your breath.

good for you. good for the planet.

The safe, sustainable choice

The active ingredient in your Acteev Protect mask is zinc oxide, a mineral used in everything from baby skin cream to breakfast cereal. The U.S. FDA labels it as GRAS, or Generally Regarded as Safe.

And unlike coatings and topical treatments made with the heavy metals silver or copper, the active zinc ions are embedded at the base level of Acteev, not added on in a water-intensive finish. That means it will not flake off or wash away into the environment.

how it works

World-renowned scientists and virologists. Independent laboratories. 15 patent families. All to bring you the best mask available.

Acteev technology is based on active zinc ions embedded in the polymer matrix to destroy viruses and bacteria.

The active zinc ions deactivate viruses by attacking the polar end groups and blocking the glycoprotein channels, breaking apart the protective virus wall and rendering viruses ineffective.

Bacteria, on the other hand, are living creatures — and they need minerals such as manganese to survive. When bacteria make contact with Acteev, the active zinc ions block cellular pathways used to process that essential nutrient. Without it, the bacteria “starve” and do not grow.

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* Testing conducted on various end forms. ​Testing by University of Cambridge found a >3 log (99.9%) reduction in SARS-CoV-2 and H1N1 viruses upon instant contact on polyamide 66 textile fabric with Acteev technology as compared to an identical basis weight polyamide 66 textile fabric without Acteev technology. Acteev Protect does not protect users or others against disease-causing bacteria.