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Acteev Powers Technical Activewear Line from HBO Max’s Star Sammy Finch

Tech-enhanced Sammy Finch Activewear collection is the first activewear line to hit the market with award-winning Acteev.

HOUSTON, September 8, 2022 – Acteev, an award-winning odor-fighting technology, is proud to partner with Sammy Finch, an HBO Max House of Ho star and fitness influencer, to launch Sammy Finch Activewear, the first activewear line powered by Acteev. The line’s first garments are available for purchase this month.

As seen on House of Ho Season Two, the new tech wear collection utilizes durable, breathable, Acteev nylon embedded with natural zinc technology to stop odor-causing bacteria. And unlike chemical applications that are coated or sprayed on, Acteev’s active ingredient is embedded into molecules of the fiber, ensuring the microbial fighting power remains as effective as day one.

Plus, each Sammy Finch garment has a water-resistant Near-Field Communication chip (NFC chip) provided by Provenio. One tap from a smart phone provides instant access to exclusive Sammy Finch workout videos and fitness tips.

“At Acteev, we pride ourselves in partnering with bold, strategic and innovative minds. The vision behind Sammy Finch Activewear will transform consumer apparel expectations, combining odor neutralization, sustainability and technology. We look forward to making an impact together,” said Nikki Huffman, head of brand development for Acteev business.

With both Acteev and Sammy Finch based in Houston, Texas, they envision this as a long-term partnership with continued innovations, ensuring customers have the tools they need to meet their health and fitness goals and stay fresh in the process. 

Beyond Sammy Finch Activewear, Acteev is working with high-fashion designers, entertainment personalities and professional athletic brands to bring innovative, sustainable visions to life. 

For more on Sammy Finch, visit and follow her on Instagram.

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Acteev’s antimicrobial technology is embedded to protect the product. The product does not protect users or others against disease-causing bacteria, viruses, germs, or other organisms. These claims are approved for use in the United States, China, and select other markets. All partners using Acteev in their products should follow all local laws and regulations pertaining to claims. Contact your Acteev representative for details.