Everyday Applications Providing Extraordinary Benefits


Puberty-positive, Gen-Z favorite OOMLA is creating odor-free socks


Coalatree Surray Sun Shirt

Enjoy fun in the sun without being exposed to damaging UV rays and harmful microbes. This lightweight, packable shirt goes with you for all of your outdoor adventures.


Sustainable, high-performing tennis, yoga and golf athletic wear.

Bring Acteev Textile to Your Concept

From raw materials to fully produced garments ready to hit the store, Acteev offers its revolutionary zinc-embedded textile in whatever format you need to make your product reality.

Raw Yarn

Raw yarn allows you to create the textiles you need in order to customize your garment with your production partner.

Mill Production

Acteev has a variety of partner mills that can design, pattern and produce fully created garments that are ready for your store.

Sustainable Offerings

Acteev is available in bio-based and carbon neutral options to help you meet your sustainability goals.

Partner With Us

Interested in partnering with Acteev to provide zinc ion technology to your consumers?