Permanent antimicrobial protection for carpet

Acteev® combines the antimicrobial power of natural zinc with the strength and durability of nylon 6,6 for carpets that are long-lasting, fresh and protected from odor.

Soft under foot. Hard on odor-causing microbes.

Acteev® packs a one-two punch for carpet by
incorporating the benefits of zinc into nylon 6,6. Acteev® is powered by active zinc ions embedded into the matrix of the molecules, standing up to wear, wash and heavy use for the life of the product and remaining as effective as day one. And, unlike antimicrobial technology that uses coatings, Acteev® requires no finishing step.

  • Free from odor
  • Free from mildew
  • Free from silver
  • Free from harmful additives

Designed with your sustainability goals in mind

We are investing more than $300 million toward our commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
These investments will allow us to provide Acteev® as a carbon-neutral offering to help you achieve your sustainability target.

Acteev® fibers are solution-dyed, a process which saves 60% in water usage and emits less in greenhouse gasses compared to conventional batch dyeing.

And as a member of the UN Global Compact, we are committed to develop, implement and disclose responsible business practices in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.


Nature’s elemental safeguard

Essential: A mineral needed for human health
Safe: Better for consumers, the active ingredient is generally regarded as safe by the FDA
Clean: Targets the bacteria and microbes that cause odor, mildew and discoloration



Years of peak performance

Feel-good fabric: Soft and gentle on skin
Light and strong: High strength-to-weight ratio for long-lasting carpets, even in high-traffic settings
Design freedom: Your architect or designer can specify Acteev® in any color or carpet construction


Permanent protection with no post-production finishing

Unlike other antimicrobial treatments, Acteev’s® zinc ions are embedded into the
product during the polymerization process instead of coated on. That means the
efficacy will not wear off over time.


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