Permanent protection in a revolutionary new material

Acteev is a breakthrough technology that harnesses the natural antimicrobial power of zinc to protect the products you count on by destroying odor- and mildew-causing bacteria and fungi.

Powered by nature’s elemental safeguard

Zinc is a natural, essential mineral for humans, plus Acteev’s active ingredient is listed as Generally Regarded as Safe by the FDA. Acteev’s active zinc ions are naturally antimicrobial, stopping the bacteria and fungi that cause products to degrade, mildew and take on unwanted odors.

Thoroughly tested at every step

Every step of the way, Acteev products are tested and validated with independent labs. Ensuring consumer safety means holding our technology to the highest standards. Even after 100 washes, our embedded technology is just as efficacious as day one.

How Acteev Destroys Bacteria

How Acteev Destroys Bacteria

Bacteria are living creature that need manganese and other minerals to survive.

When the bacteria make contact with Acteev, the active zinc ions block cellular pathways used to process manganese.

Without manganese, the bacteria “starve” and do not grow on the application.

Embedded, not added

Unlike other protective technology, our zinc ions are embedded during the production of the polymer, not coated on after. This means there is minimal risk of our technology shedding or rubbing off, allowing products to stay protected for their lifetimes.

Fabricate innovative ideas

Start learning all the ways Acteev can help transform your business for your customers and consumers. Talk to our team and start formulating the next generation of your solutions today.