The Applications

Changing the very fabric of protective technology

The natural power of zinc ions embedded into advance polyamide material for permanent protection.

Elite materials that keep up with your toughest performance while ensuring you stay odor free.

Nonwovens for high-absorbency products when protection is a must.

Polyamides for hard applications that stay clean with superior durability.

Keep air fresher by keeping out what you don’t want.

Providing greater protection for patients and healthcare workers with medical grade, antimicrobial solutions.

Providing consumers a more peaceful, protected sleep.
Protection designed for your most protected.
Give yourself the ultimate confidence wherever you go.

Nonwoven materials that are comfortable against skin.

Trusted protection for the items you trust to keep you safe and clean.
Freedom to go to the great outdoors without worrying if you’ll be bringing it back with you.
Designed to stand up to daily use in your industry.

Bring peace of mind to your consumers

Start seeing how Acteev can transform your products and provide an added elemental safeguard for your consumers.